Entra y descubre nuestro catálogo de muebles en miniatura, para que no te falte de nada en tu casita de muñecas. Muebles de todo tipo y entorno (habitación, salón, cocina, baño, decorativos). Todo un mundo de mobiliario te espera en esta sección.

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  • Unpainted Furnitures

    Furniture for doll houses in unpainted natural wood and that will allow you to decorate them and finish them to your liking. Ideal for the most demanding people. Looking for a line and custom finishes.

  • Living Room Furniture
    Catalog of dollhouse furniture for bedrooms or rooms for children or babies. In various styles and with all the necessary accessories to create a realistic atmosphere to the houses.
  • Kitchen Furnitures

    Kitchen furniture for doll houses. Catalog in which you can find modern styles, rural or Victorian style that will perfectly match your dollhouse or scene.

  • Bathroom furnitures

    Bathroom furniture and accessories for doll houses, toilets, bathrooms, bathtubs and all the accessories to decorate the scenes of miniature baths. Ceramic parts and complete kits.

  • Living-Room furnitures

    Living room furniture for dollhouses in miniature, painted wood, lacquered or unpainted. Cheap range online or in store in Madrid. Tables, chairs, bookcases, shelves and other accessories and accessories to decorate your living room.

  • Furniture in Kit for...

    Wooden Furniture in Kit to assemble

  • Muebles Infantiles y...
  • Modern furniture
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Showing 1 - 9 of 60 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 60 items